X PSA if you have a nasty, bi-phobic song please do not use it in the name of helping the gay community goodbye


it perpetuates negative stereotypes about bisexual people (bisexual women especially) and i don’t know where you got the idea that the song is about being a “bi female” like i guess that’s one way to interpret it but still perpetuates harmful stereotypes such as bi people just being confused and wishy washy (“a girl who can’t decide”)

also it doesn’t matter what sexuality brendon urie is it doesn’t change that the song is bi-phobic :(

*cracks my knuckles loudly and bisexually* Look, I am a trans* man. Pre-op, No binder, No Testosterone. I basically am a female in every aspect. (To be changed). I’m also bi. Now, I’m studying to be an English teacher, so I’m going to break the song down to my understanding of it.

"A Girl who can’t decide". Ah, but what come’s after that?

"And here’s the reason why: Girls love girls and boys"

he also says “Love is not a choice”

Brendon is putting down the stereotype. He’s saying “Oh, why can’t they “decide”? That’s because GIRLS CAN love GIRLS AND BOYS! It’s not a choice! You biphobic turd!”

When I said it was about being a bisexual female, what I meant was, Brendon’s kind of encouraging the girl to come out and admit she’s bi, to come out of the closet. Embrace it. “I don’t want to save your reputation”. The girl’s afraid of coming out, that people won’t accept her. But Brendon thinks that she should come out anyway. I mean, the song was influenced by his relationship with a bi woman (source below)

The rest is basically him being like “I don’t care that you’re bi and have a girlfriend I love you pls date me” (Which is silly, like #1 Brendon you’re married, #2 u might as well have called it “Girls/Girls/Friendzone”) But it’s a love song, kinda. That’s what they’re about.

And I think it does matter, his sexuality. I wouldn’t write a biphobic, racist, transphobic song? (Since i’m bi, mixed and trans*)? Would I? That wouldn’t make sense!

The song encouraged me to come out to my parents.. For what it’s worth.

Also, if Brendon Urie WAS biphobic, why would he do this? [x] And say this? [x]

"*cracks my knuckles loudly and bisexually*" that whole thing was beautiful

so we just gonna ignore how he objectified two women because of their sexuality ok!!! honestly if you support this band (or maybe just Brendon)….. i honestly i have no words for you please love and respect yourselves

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